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Sportsman’s Kennels on Long Island has been breeding AKC puppies since 1962.
All our breeding dogs are genetically tested and are from champion bloodlines.
Many parents on premises.
Offering an outstanding selection of AKC and Designer puppies for sale on Long Island.

Click on a picture below for a description of each breed


Here are a few available puppies for sale. Come visit our six-acre facility for a full selection



Beagle PuppyBeagles
Boston Terrier PuppiesBoston Terriers
Bulldog PuppiesBulldogs
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel PuppiesCavalier King Charles Spaniels
Chihuahua PuppiesChihuahuas
Cocker Spaniel PuppiesCocker Spaniels
Dachshund PuppiesDachshunds
French Bulldog PuppiesFrench Bulldogs
Golden Retriever PuppiesGolden Retrievers
Havanese Puppies Havaneses
Labrador Retriever PuppiesLabrador Retrievers
Maltese Puppies Malteses
Mastiff PuppiesMastiffs
Miniature Schnauzer PuppiesMiniature Schnauzers
Pembroke Welsh Corgi PuppiesPembroke Welsh Corgis
Pomeranian PuppiesPomeranians
Poodle Puppies Poodles
Pug Puppies Pugs
Rottweiler PuppiesRottweilers
Shih Tzu Puppies Shih Tzus
Siberian Husky PuppiesSiberian Huskys
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Puppies Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
West Highland White Terrier Puppies West Highland White Terriers
Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Yorkshire Terriers

Veterinarians on Staff * Lifetime Health Guaranteed
Dog Training * Country Dog Boarding
Pick-Up and Delivery Available

AKC Puppies for Sale on Long Island