Make A Wish Donation

Sportsmans Kennels

Dear Friends of Make A Wish

On Behalf of the Make A wish Foundation of Suffolk County, NY, Inc. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your generous donation of a ‘puppy’ for our 16th annual Boquet of Wishes Spring Dinner that was held.

The purpose of the Make A Wish foundation is simple and pure..we grant the special wishes of the local children who face life-threatening medical conditions. A wish is a time of joy and respite for the wish child and the entire family, and we are proud to play a role, thanks to your support.

As we are 100% privately funded, we must rely on fundraising events such as our Spring Dinner and the generous donations and gifts in kind from local corporations, civic and religious groups, schools, and generous individuals. On Behalf of our wish children and their grateful families, we thank you for your help,


Katherine Hollander

chair, Bouquet of Wishes.

We sold the dog for  $27,500.00

Again, Thanks very much! Your dog was another Hit!!

Thank you for your honesty and care!! We love our new baby boy Ceaser ( mini Schnauzer)! He is getting allot of love and attention and makes out heart melt. We would never use another kennel and are grateful for people like Amy and Helen. THANK YOU!!!

We had such a great experience at Sportsmans. They take their time going over everything you need to know. They were all so cute and well cared for. Thank you!!

Sue Dever

Christine Starr

 I just wanted to say thank you. I had my cocker spaniel for 15 years. She grew up with my children from elementary school, through college. She was featured with Ceaser Milan The Dog Whisperer. Thanks for the many years of her life.

Wendy Lovetro

We Purchased our first dog here seven months ago and we LOVE him!! We were so excited to come back for another. The Best dogs are at Sportsman’s!!

Jackie Maunto

Everyone was great. Dogs look very well taken care of. Amy was FANTASTIC!!  So helpful and patient! Thank you!

Nancy Maurio

Our third dog from Sportsman’s Kennels. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Marc Soldano

Very informative in and assisted me with purchasing the right dogs. Really admired how clean the facility and their dogs are. 100%

Kathie Baldwin

Dear Sportsman’s Kennels,

I just wanted to let you know how Max was doing. He is a very smart puppy. We signed him up for obedience classes with his best friend Diesel from next door. Max knows so many tricks and commands, he is  the top his class. Max knows how to sit, stay (for over 30 sec.), Jump, lie down, touch, leave it and take it. Max does all the obstacle courses  I made for him. He goes on vacation with us and swims in the lake. Thank you for max!!

Best wishes,

victoria Lowczyk


I love love love these guys at Sportsmans! I got the love of my life there 19 1/2 years ago. Lulu was a short-haired doxie..she lived 18 1/2 yrs..died almost a year ago to the date.  What a long life for a dog! I bought my brother his Wheaton here 15 years ago..she just dies a few weeks ago.. also the love of his life. I have so many friends who have bought dogs here. A few months after lulu died I took a ride to Sportsman’s with a friend.. juts to look and  see what it felt like to be around puppies. I knew i wanted another doxie.. but wasn’t sure i was ready that day. I found 2 long-haired doxie sisters..fell in love, came back for them a few days later and i’m madly in love. The best disposition of any dogs come from Sportsman’s! I cannot say enough about this place and the wonderful people there. (Helen, Amy & Sue)

Jane Kronick

This is my sixth purchase from Sportsman’s Kennels! I am beyond pleased with the quality and temperment of each dog purchased. They are beloved family members. Amy and Helen are a pleasure to do business with. Excellent overall experience.

Donna Berrios

We had a unbelievable experience with Sportsman’s Kennels. Amy and the entire staff was extremely professional, informative, helpful, kind and patient. I would highly recommend to my friends and family.

Stacy Rappaport

They are wonderful at Sportsman’s Kennels. They are all very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!! It’s my 2nd purchase here. We are repeat customers. Thumbs up to Helen, Amy, Tina, Bill!!

Lisa Danin

Wonderful very thorough, very caring. I will be coming back for another poodle and i will recommend you to everyone! Renee was wonderful. Amy was wonderful. Answered all of our questions!

Michele Kerremans

I love that you happily showed us their parents.

A. Monteranto

Your Team is FANTASTIC!! Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. This facility is wonderful!!

David Jefferson

Look at me!! Pretty in pink 

Superior quality and service. Very caring and supportive staff. All are very helpful and knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you for your wonderful dogs. Keep up the good work!!

Steven C. Rera

The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Our puppy is beautiful and we are excited to bring him home!

Ryan Hoelldobler

We came in with two young boy’s and all of the staff was patient and calm with them. We had lots of questions and everyone answered them all. very knowledgeable staff. THANKS!!!

Michelle Gromley

My dad brought me here at 10 years old 1971-72. Now I am back here with my son who is 6 years old.

Dean Kake

 This is our third dog from Sportsman’s Kennels and were very happy. That’s why we are back.

Joseph Pastorino

The staff here is great. Everything  about the place is top shelf. I would (and do) Tell everyone to come here.

John P. Hughes

Coming to Sportsman’s Kennels was a very wonderful experience. Helen was very helpful and very nice to know. highly recommended.

Raffaella Dilennce

I just wanted to let you know that our beloved Trixie, a beagle puppy that we lovingly took into our homes from your kennel, has brought us great joy over the years. we lost her to a brain tumor and miss her terribly. I would like to say thank you for providing our home with the sweetest and most devoted companion anyone could ever want. She taught our young boys compassion and responsibility. We are all grateful for the lives she touched and happiness she brought to so many people

Anette Panas

Just hanging out with my girls

We had a great experience purchasing our golden retriever. The staff was very caring. When we picked up our puppy Renee went over everything with us and was great.

James Monaeo

 Our Goldendoodle from you. She is amazing!! We love her so much and cannot thank you enough.

Donna Mello

This the second dog I have bought here and I will be back again.

Jenn Hoffman

Wonderful, smart healthy puppies. The staff is friendly and love the animals.

Florence Felman

Very patient while we made sure to pick the best dog for our family. Thank you!

Susna Volante


For anyone that want to  have the “the greatest experience of love” A dog from Sportsman’s Kennels is where to go! We purchased Jenny, our older blonde lab 9 Years ago and she has turned out to be  ”the one.” She is the love of my life. At 9 she is all respect like a 4 year old. We have now purchased another blonde Isabella. Oh what a beauty she is going to be! Quick as a whip, smart, and sassy! She is going to give jenny a run for who’s the boss of the Lab crew!!! We came back to Sportsman’s for one simple reason: THEY KNOW DOGS!! They know their business and make sure that when you leave you KNOW YOUR DOG!!! We have been blessed with 2 wonderful additions to the family and have and will have many more years of joy and love and the people at Sportsman’s Kennels helped make this happen

Eric & Bernadette

Amy was excellent professional and very knowledgeable. We are very satisfied

Kathy Moncato

We are repeat customers and we would not go anywhere else! We love our first German Shepherd and we just bought our second. Amy is wonderful help!

Edward & Renee Hays

Excellent experience, Amy has been a pleasure to work with and covered everything prior to bringing our new dog home.

Jill Mastroianni

Renee was wonderful. She picked out the perfect puppy for my family and put a big smile on my boys face. Thank you

Jacelyn Appel

Very helpful staff. Friendly, beautiful enviorment. Thorough instructions. Thank you!

Deborah Robertaccio

Nice Clean place! Dogs look clean and happy

Kristin Caracciolo

Gypsy is a sweet puppy. She has a great disposition. She loves to have her belly rubbed. Helen has been wonderful in assisting us.

Shari Silverman

My visit here was extremely enjoyable. Tina was very friendly, informative and made my daughter very happy by giving her a puppy for her birthday. Very Satisfied!

Patricia Babst

Very pleased with the service, instructions and patient answering our questions!

Jo Barone

Renee was extremely helpful in matching a new puppy with us. This is our second puppy purchase from sportsman’s Kennels. Thank you for such a positive experience.

Cindy & Pete Thompson

Renee was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Thank you very much!!!

Larry Cohen

Thank you  for bringing so much joy in our lives. They are the most wonderful dogs anyone could ever ask for. They are extremely loving and loyal. Thank you.

The Castro Family

Staff very helpful and friendly. Very happy with the experience

Henry Cain

She loves her job and she is a ball of energy! Thank you :) Amy!

Carl & Nancy

I was treated with respect and honestly felt appreciated. I was not rushed as some places do. Very friendly family. I do Recommend.

rosey Reich

Very helpful and had a  wonderful experience. Also love how they take care of the puppies.

Michael Hamanjain

Service was excellent! Made my family and myself feel so comfortable.

Victoria Stein

Thanks so much for helping out. This place is the best!!

Lisa Morande

This is our third dog. Everyone is wonderful!

Brian Wood

Amy and Renee was very helpful and were terrific. I will highly recommend Sportsman’s Kennels to everyone.

Arlene Scheber

Renee did a wonderful job showing us the puppy in a very loving and caring way. Thank you.

David J. Eagan

The staff was really nice and very helpful. I will recommend this place to all my friends.

Lucy Cortese

They were great help in finding us our perfect puppy. Thank you so much!

Joseph Rasso

The girls send their love. lzzy is turning out to be beyond all expectations a GREAT dog. Thank you !!

We are a repeat customer here at Sportsman’s. We have one great dog at home. Mat is now getting a sister.

Robert Spengler

Everyone was very helpful. Had a great time. Love the puppy. Thank you!

Gloria Boyd

Renee was exceptional! Thank you! This is our second purchase at Sportsman’s.

Jen Karlewicz

Especially Amy was very helpful. She was very understanding, caring and truly wanted to help us as much as she could. Thank you!!

Jillian Guidice

Exceptional helpfulness in the search for the perfect dog which we found here. Great advice and support on how to take care of the new puppy.

Walter W. Rhind

Renee was so nice, explained everything. She knew the dog personality and history which was great! Thanks Renee!!

Joan Little

I would recommend Sportsman’s Kennels. Everyone is great! Happy with my new family.

Christine Whalz

Everyone especially Amy was very friendly and acomodating. I will recommend Sportsman’s  to my friends.

Vanessa Begonja

Renee was very helpful and curtious. What a great person to deal with. Very knowledgeable. I would recommend Sportsman’s Kennels to everyone.

Richard Paul

We had a great experience here looking for a puppy to join our family.

Suzanne Graham

Great people! Great Dogs!  Everyone was terrific. Thank you Amy and all the staff. We love our Wheaton Maggie. Thank you!

Robert Graziano

I love Sportsman’s Kennels! Amy was such a great help. I bought  two dogs here and we are very pleased!!

Bridget O’ Conner

Service was amazing. we are very happy with our new puppy!

Kaitlin Whittle

The ladies were extremely helpful and informative. My puppies are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Dara Barbour

I purchased my 3rd puppy here on June 2 and I have nothing but the best  most wonderful experience and always have beautiful, happy, healthy puppies!!!

Renee J. Busto

Awesome friendly staff. Truly care for and love their animals!!!

Lorene Saccone

Amy was a pleasure. Puppy was beautiful. Facility was very clean. A overall excellent Experience.

Penny Balducci

provided all the information we needed on puppy care that we could ever need. All of the staff was pleasant and very helpful. I will recommend Sportsman’s Kennels to Friends and family.

Patricia Farrell

The visits were wonderful. Amy was a delight, Renee covered all of our needs. Wonderful selection of puppies, friendly and fun. Hope to see you again soon.

Scott & Eileen Abrams

 Very helpful. Previously bought a dog and I would always return and recommend to anyone. Excellent staff!!

Joan Mamo

I was so nervous picking a dog and taking this on. Amy was so wonderful and helpful. She gave us everything we need for this adventure. Thank you so much!!

Paula Healy

I really loved Renee best of all. She was patient, attentive, informative, helpful and understood are enthusiasm to get our puppy home sooner than later

Michelle Wruck

We thought Amy was excellent. She was so nice and Renee was also so helpful. I would refer them to everyone! Thank you so much!!

Theresa Salerno

A wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to see and play with multiple puppies which made our choice allot easier. The staff was very helpful. Thank you

John Derby

This is my third purchase at Sportsman’s Kennels and I wouldn’t consider purchasing a dog anywhere else. I send all my friends and family to your facility. It has been the best experience!!! I love you all !!

Dawn Hennessy

Staff is very friendly and we know that our puppies will live a very long happy life. We wish we could take  all the dogs home with us

Catherine Cohen

Wonderful day. So much fun! Very knowledgeable and helpful. COME HERE TO BUY YOUR DOG!!!

Jacqueline Raphaely

We love our new Havanese. The service and advice from Helen and Amy were amazing. Twoeey has been home since Monday and she  is already pad trained and doing great in her new home!

Gina Evers-Gribbin

My family and I have bought 3 dogs from here. Tina has made my experience WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you so much!!

Katy Campbell

Great educational, attentive and very understanding to us and the children and our addition to our family


We have gotten puppies here before and we’ll continue to come again.

Eilenn Keddy

Helen Treated me like a son. The BEST!!!

Craig Fisher

Renee was amazing. Perfect service. So happy with my puppy thank you all so very much!!!

Beatrice Ortiz, Derek Hoffmann

Everyone we met made us feel very comfortable and assured at all our questions in a understandable language

Nowicki, Alvin

Everyone is great at Sportsman’s Kennels. We are so happy we stopped in to look around. We left with a beautiful Tea Cup Yorkie! Thank you

Theresa Saladino

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Very informative. So happy to start our little Family Thanks so much!!!

Kristine O’ Reilly

Our experience was excellent, very enjoyable

John Rossino

Wonderful friendly staff. Very informative regarding caring for our new puppy. This is our second dog from Sportsman’s Kennels.

Matt Farren

Our family got our first dog over nine years ago. Since then we have gotten three more. Today we purchased a beautiful Rottie puppy. As always it was a wonderful experience. Helen and her staff are always so helpful.

Jenise West

After dealing with my puppy passing away, I was recommended to Sportsman’s Kennels and received such warmth and welcoming. What a experience here!! Thank you

Brittany A. Prim

Very patient and helpful. Very informative and friendly. Thank you

Avrann Odysseos

Susan was very helpful and informative. She was also very patient with all of my 4 year old daughter’s questions

Lauren Lindsay

Very thorough, knowledgeable, careful to educate me properly. We can see everyone cares about the puppies

Crystal Frare

I have been purchasing my pets from your store for a long time and have always been very satisfied.

Christine Fontanetta

I wanted  to thank you guys for the new addition to our family, Bailey. I had a wonderful experience from picking her out at your store and your follow-up with me on how she was doing. My boys fell in love with her right away and she has settled in nicely with our other dachshund, Haley. Thank you for a great experience and our perfect new addition!

Selena Cannon

Thanks to you, our family has been blessed by 3 wonderful pets that came into our lives. This is just the desire to be part of a family, and our dog was from a reputable breeder. We were reassured after given the history of the puppy and the breeder that you guys truly cares about doing the right thing. Thank you for helping bring this extra love into our lives!


Great experience 8 yrs ago and today

Amy Brault

your staff was very helpful in picking the right breed and showing me the exact puppy I was looking for. That’s why I have returned  for the second time.

Nick Dalvano

We absolutely love it here!!! Best experience ever. Thank you for the new addition to the page family.

Mary Page

Renee and Susan are absolutely wonderful people and are very professional. Thanks allot

Peter Montallano

I love this place. All of my family are repeat customers.

Cynthia Marinelli

Excellent staff. Informative kind facility for puppies. The dogs and the place was very clean. The dogs were very playful and I am so appreciative.

Suzane Calcara

Amy was great!! She helped us and really knew allot. Customer service was awesome!!

Crystal Paskewiz

On behalf of my family i’d like to extend our sincere appreciations for making the experience of getting our first new puppy such a happy and pleasant experience. We look forward to bringing Zeus our Doberman puppy home and being part of our lives. We are eagerly anticipating the moment he comes to begin the adventures and sharing our journey through life

James Bradson

Dear Helen,

It”s been 3 weeks since we purchased our morkie from you. Her name is Joley and she

is the cutest dog. She is almost paper trained and she is just a joy to have in our family. She eats great and sleeps through the night from day 1. She is so affectionate and what a personality.

I just wanted to thank for your patience and taking care of her until we got back from vacation. You and your staff are all so wonderful. You explained everything to us and made us feel so comfortable with the arrival of our new puppy.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Donna Margaf


Just wanted to thank you for my most loving dog, Max.  Max turned one year old on August 5 and we have enjoyed him so since we got him.  I know you had said and his papers show that the mom was a Sportsman Kennel dog.  His mix of Havanese and Shitzu is the best.  Max’s disposition and loving way has made my husband and I so happy to have him as part of our family.  When we take Max out he is admired by so many people because they love his eyebrows and soft coat and of course he is so friendly and smart.

Thank You,

Debbie, Long Beach New York

Excellent Service. Always puts the dogs needs first.

Catherine Quinn


Renee Healy

Awesome experience. Very helpful. Always spotless at the store.

Suez Lloyd Bernstein

Sportsman's Kennel Review

“For anyone that wants to have the greatest experience of love-Sportsman’s is the place to be!”

Sportsman's Kennel Puppy Review“Thank you for your help in choosing our new puppy…our vet said he was perfect”
- Art, Cindy and Kids

Dear Amy,
We’ve been meaning to write to you for a while now and let you know just how thrilled we are with our little Havanese puppy!  We picked up “Toby” the day after Thanksgiving 2007, and he has been a joy to us and our entire extended family for almost a year now.  He is healthy, happy and very true to the breed standard to a loving, family companion dog.  He is also the most beautiful dog we know. We would just recommend your kennel to anyone who asked, and thank you for getting us just what we wanted!

Best wishes to all!
Diana and Steve

Staff very knowledgeable. Obvious dogs are well cared for. Amy was terrific. Will recommend.

Connie L. Kruzel

My parents got me a female medium poodle from your kennel in the summer 1969. She was born in April. Her father was Macnamara. She lived to age 16. It was hell for everyone to have to put her to sleep. We all loved her so much. Thank you!!

Marlene Wagner-Asher

After Many Disappointments, I came to Sportsman’s Kennels and fell in love At First sight. They have the most beautiful dogs, so healthy and happy as pets should be.

Jeanne Monfre

Great experience from start to finish

Philip Tozz

Dear Amy,

I just wanted to send a note to say how pleased I am with the male black mini schnauzer we purchased in April. He is great! very sweet, affectionate and a little mischevious. Dr. Walker has given him a clean bill of health and he has been fairly easy to train.

Our Wheaten Terrier is the sweetest dog ever. She has the most amazing temperament

Robert Salwwen

Sportsman's Kennel Review

“Thank you for helping us find the most wonderful puppy in the world”
Chris and Nadine

Golden Retriever Review
“Thanks you for providing us with such a great pet”
The C Family

I just wanted to tell you that I bought a dog there, she is a Jack Russell Terrier and her name is Lune. She is the best dog anyone could have. I can’t live without her. She is so cute. She turned two years old, we celebrated her birthday the 14th of this month. Well I have to go. Thank you for treating the animals good.


Great service and care for the dogs. Amy, Helen and Renee were terrific on follow up

Carol Heller

It was a great experience. I will recommend to friends.

Anne P Toway

We had a Great experience getting our dog from sportsman’s kennels. Thank you!

Jamie Johnson

Friendly, informative, very comforting. Helped us pick the perfect pooch

Frank Turrigiano

Havanese puppy. Trained, great with people. Trained fast, all girls in the vet office love him.

Tina Savnders

Wonderful service. Great selection of dogs. Very Happy!!

Kristin Drinkwine

Labradors Review
“Thank You so much for Bringing Joy to our Home”
The D Family

“Again Thank you for breeding a wonderful pet, companion and playmate”.
Mark & Barbara

Hi Helen!
Well Casey will be 5 months old the end of Feb. and he is doing great. I can’t believe that we have him for 2 months and how much he has grown. I think when you finally let us take him, he weighed about 12 pounds and now he weighs almost forty. Believe me, by the way, we have only fed him the same food that you gave us when we left the kennel. By the way, when I said that you finally let us take him, I tell everyone that because he seemed to have a little running nose, you had wanted to keep him a little longer.
I must say that when I questioned you and your credentials when we first met you, I was truly unaware of the years that you had been breeding dogs and how much you care about your animals. I would recommend to anyone if they were going to purchase a pup that they first speak with you. I found you be both honest and sincere and so has everyone else that I know has taken a pup from you.
Keep up the great work and always stay as honest as you were with us.

Tom & Ronnie

It was a very pleasant experience. Everyone was nice. I recommend Sportsman’s

Tilde Dasilva

Helen and staff are Wonderful!! Our large canine Family can all call Helen Grandma. This was there 1st home!!

Karen DaParma

Professional staff, clean enviorment, HAPPY, CLEAN DOGS!!

Britt serpe

Everyone at Sportsman’s Kennels was straightforward and very nice to deal with

John Fernandez

Very happy with service and accessability with all of the dogs


Dear Amy, & Sportsman’s Kennels

Thank you for bringing jake into our lives. My family was grieving so bad over the last one our little boy “Willie” that shut down. (it was so sad) Even my female was grieving, she lost her brother, Well now its a week and all hell broke loose (lol) from our little German Shepard. (lol). He brought nothing but happiness into my family. It brought us back from the loss of willie. He is so good and hes already made himself at home. Hes the sparkle of everybody’s eye. All my friends and family stopped over to see the newest addition of our family. My female loves him so much, they hang together. When she goes out he goes out. My family is back. That’s what we needed. Again Amy thank you so much. You saved our family from Grieving and they all come back to me.


Mary Schwartz

“Thanks you for changing our lives all for the better”

“What a wonderful dog!!”

Dear Amy and Staff,
We want to thank you for “Tiki” and “Buster”. You and your staff made a Big decision easy and comforting! Our kids are so happy and the look on their faces was priceless! Please, don’t ever take your jobs lightly, you all made two little boys very happy. I can honestly say that our family is complete now. Every time I came out to visit, you all made me feel so welcomed and you always answered all of our questions. With all of your love given to “Tiki and “Buster” they are well adjusted and couldn’t be more loving. They are always a big hit! And yes, they are Spoiled! Every time I go out, I always come home with something for them.
We just wanted to let you know how thankful we are that they are such a wonderful addition to our family. We hope you all understand the impact you make on a family every time you send a dog home.


Rich, Carol, RJ and Mathew

Dear Amy,

I just want to let you know that the maltese which we named Kody, That we purchased this past april, is doing well and is a loved member of our family. Thank you  for being so sweet and helpful.

Louise Saginario & Family

I found Amy to be very patient, helpful and friendly. Great job

John Berlin

Helped  us pick a dog out. Went over all the facts got my son not to be afraid of dogs anymore.

Fran & Jeff Roppert

My ”girls” are now 10 (Daisy) and 8 (Peggy) They still are the best dogs you could ever have. They are slowing down a little but are still a handful. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Elizabeth Williams & Daisy+Peggy (The best wheaten terriers on earth)

People very polite. Great Kennel. Clean and well taken care of.

Constance Kerry



I know it has been too long, and I do apologize. Let me just tell you how much joy this little dog is bringing this family.
As you know we left you and drove about 2 hours up to Westchester to deliver him, where the family was waiting in the living room, with their eyes closed and we put this adorable puppy on the floor and said, “Open Your Eyes!!” I don’t think words can describe the joy.
Our boss’ daughter decided to name him Teddy, and he is growing rapidly, we are waiting for a new picture. He has adjusted beautifully to his new home, and his training is going quite well.
To say, Thank You, would not be enough. Knowing how happy you have made this family is the special message that I send to you!!

Thank you and all the best to you,

The staff was extremely helpful. would recommend to others

shirley Reid

Everyone is so nice. Place is very clean. Amy is great

Lucy Ragone

Well run, Very informative Very effiicent

Eva N. Sutherland

It was a great experience! Thanks for sharing  your Knowledge

Lisa Lobly

Just a note to let you know how much we are  enjoying Hampton. He is such a good boy, and so smart. photos to follow…Thank you so much! Im puppy drunk!

Deborah & Robert DeBona

The best service I have received yet when looking to purchase a dog. Thanks so much!

Ty Osborne

Chocolate Lab Review
“Your facilities and puppies that you offer are A-1″
David and Amy
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Review
“We are grateful to you and your establishment for our new treasured family member”
The T Family

Dear Amy,

We can’t thank you enough for helping us choose Chloe as our special puppy. She adjusted quickly to being in our home and was trained within a few weeks. She is so smart- we taught her to ring a bell when she wants to go out!

Chloe has a great personality. She is quite energetic and loves to run around outside, chase a ball or play with our neighbor’s dog. But, she is equally happy to curl up on your lap and snuggle.

Thank You Again,

Allison, Andre’, Gabrielle and Kayla

Awesome dog kennels

William Finn

Staff was very patient and helped us very much when choosing our new puppy

Eugene Maney

Great service, we couldn’t  have asked for anything better

Chuck Mc Williams

Wonderful, caring service from everyone at Sportsman’s! Thank You

Nancy Krauss

Dear Sportsman’s Kennels Staff.

It has been 5 months since we purchased our Goldendoodle puppy. He has adjusted  well and loves his home in Vermont. He can be quite a handful at times, but he’s worth all the work. He was so easy tp housebreak and he is intelligent and learns quickly. Thank you  for giving us a lovable, intelligent,healthy puppy.


Frank & Pat LaBella

Dear Helen,

A tremendous thank you, for introducing me to my new love of my life, Sophie. If you recall, I visited your establishment in May. I was delighted to see the clean facility and the people who obviously took such good care of your dogs! I felt right at home and loved seeing the white cribs filling the room with wonderful puppies.

At the time, I couldn’t decide between 378 and 332- two lovely Shitzus. I told you I would return during the week to make my final decision and I did. Only I was introduced to 277 along with 378 and 322. 277, later named Sophie was the one for me. I instantly saw a glint in her eye, a smartness in her step and an eagerness to please. She weighed only 3 pounds but was the most tenacious little puppy I had ever seen. She was determined to pick up a tennis ball that was almost bigger than her and she managed to do it!

I remember picking her up on May 29 and instantly melting with love. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Thanks Again!


East Rockaway, New York


Sportsman’s Kennels is the BEST!!

I had nothing but wonderful experiences with Sportsman’s Kennels. All of my dogs have lived long healthy lives. The first dogs that I purchased  there were Sophie a Yorkie and Tess, a Cavalier. They each were amazingly beautiful and lived to 15 and 17 Years old , respectively. My Yorkie Carly also came from Sportsman’s  Kennels. She will 11 in June.. and is terrific in every way. All of my friends have gotten dogs from Helen. My friend Ivy had a chocolate poodle named Godiva that lived to 18, and in June she bought a black pug from Sportsman’s Kennels, named Mabel. My friend Jane had a Dachshund named lulu and she just passed away at 19 years old!!! Jane just got two gorgeous Dachshunds from Helen, named Brownie and Cookie. My sister Dara got her Beagle, Eloise at Sportsman’s Kennels. Eloise is the cutest Beagle I have ever seen. I have always found everyone at Sportsman’s Kennels to be highly professional. The place is very clean and the puppies are very well taken care of.

Carlys Mom




Casey: our Golden Retriever will be 5 months old and he’s doing great! I can’t believe how much he has grown and we only have him for 2 Months. I believe  when they “let us take him” he was only 12lbs and now he weighs almost 40. We were instructed to only feed  him the same food he ate at the Kennel. I say ‘when they  let us take him” because he seemed to have a little runny nose and they wanted to keep him a little longer.

I must say that when I questioned their credentials when I first went there I was truly unaware of the years of experience they had breeding dogs and how much they truly care about their animals. I found owner Helen to be both honest and sincere. So has everyone I know that has been there. I highly recommend anyone looking for a pup to speak with her! Casey is not only fine in appearance, he is personable, loveable, and intelligent

Our lives are changed ALL FOR THE BETTER! :)

The staff at sportsman’s Kennels were professional with the up most care and consideration. I will highly recommend buying your dogs here at Sportsman’s Kennels. I will be happy to post you on my Facebook

Nancy Coupe

“Perfect day for a dip in the pool”

Very helpful and knowledgeable. My second time. for  a great experience go to Sportsman’s Kennels.

Nancy Romanzi

I was able to meet the parents of my wheaten puppy. It was a very enjoyable experience

Patricia Vordermuer

Renee was very helpful explaining everything about the puppy

Carmine Bellamore

Dear Helen and all the crew members

My name is holly and I used to reside at Sportsman’s Kennels, until my beautiful family adopted me. Since I arrived at my new home I have so many new toys. I don’t know which one to take first and my family spoils much I love every minute of it. I have enclosed a picture of me. Thank you again for sending me to a very good home.

Love Holly

Wonderful group to be choosing from the Sportsmans kennels. Our second time take home a beautiful well cared for puppy. Thank you to all

John Whithead

Nina Roy

Great temperment of the puppies

Alice P. Canialosi

Amy was fantastic! Very helpful, informative, and very funny! Excellent service, will deffinitaly recommend

Aneeta M o’Connell

Staff was so knowledgeable and friendly.

Allison Cangialosi

Amy is amazing! Amy gave great customer service would recommend her to anyone

Great Place, Puppies are so cute. Very friendly people.

Marilyn Hewson

Very good service and staff

Rachel Mostergis

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